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Jul 31, 2019

A lot of people are put off by going to the Doctor for a routine check-up. Whether it be money issues,personal issues, or even thinking that they've been healthy and how this could never happen to them. Unfortunately this could lead to much more serious conditions ending up in much worse conditions. This week Doctor...

Jul 24, 2019

If no two people are similar why should their treatments be formed into the cookie cutter cure-all most doctors perform? In this week's episode Doctor Tom goes over how all patients that come to Causenta are given their own personal treatments based on their medical history,physique,strength and much more!



Jul 17, 2019

Arthritis,Foot Pain, or Muscle Soreness in General? Doctor Tom has the answer for that. The Multi Lumen he uses at The Causenta Wellness Center is the go to for treating these ailments and more. Join Doctor Tom as he goes over the ins and outs of this specific piece of equipment.

About Dr. Thomas Incledon:

Dr. Tom, is...

Jul 10, 2019

Doctor Tom discusses how having lower Testosterone can effect men not only in the gym, but their personal lives as well.

About Dr. Thomas Incledon:

Dr. Tom, is the founder and CEO of Causenta Wellness, and the Causenta Cancer Treatment Center in Arizona. From working with NFL, MLB, MMA, World Class athletes and even the...

Jul 3, 2019


While there are an abundance of supplements for Vitamins and Nutrients out there, Doctor Tom views those as more of an Insurance policy, rather than a substitute. Find out why the majority of your Nutrient Intake should be coming from your diet!


About Dr. Thomas Incledon:

Dr. Tom, is the founder and CEO of Causenta...